Náhuat Pípil Route

The Ancestral Path Náhuat – Pipil is a route that incorporates six municipalities in the department of Sonsonate: Cuisnahuat, San Julian, Izalco, Nahuizalco, San Antonio del Monte and Santo Domingo; Where you can tour in balsam plantations, know and experience the process of extraction of this element that has many medicinal properties, taste typical drinks like corn atole, Chicha, Chocolate and coffee grown in the area.

El Escuco waterfall
Santo Domingo de Guzmán / Sonsonate
Meeting of Cumpas
Jayaque / La Libertad
Mud and Red Clay in Santo Domingo de Guzman
Santo Domingo de Guzman / Sonsonate
Náhuat Pipil Community Museum of Nahuizalco
Nahuizalco / Sonsonate
walk in to Pacific Lighthouse
Izalco / Sonsonate
Magic rituals in Izalco
Izalco / Sonsonate
Sendero Tlaloc
Izalco / Izalco
Routing the Izalcos 1932
Izalco / Sonsonate
Broker of Cofradias
Izalco / Sonsonate
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Izalco a magic place
Izalco / Sonsonate
Dulce Nombre De maria / Chalatenango
coffee plantations and pines
El Congo / Santa ana
Enjoy the tropical feel in Los Cóbanos Beach
Los Cobanos / Sonsonate
El Tunco
Tamanique / La Libertad
Feel the pleasant wheater of La Palma
La Palma / Chalatenango