Archaeological Route

Learn about one of the most influential cultures in the history of the World, Mayans; Parks, interpretive centers and pyramids that make part of El Salvador Maya World and faithful witness of those ancient arraigues to date are still explorable.

Archaeological Site Cihuatán
Aguilares / San Salvador
Archeological Site Joya de Cerén
San Juan Opico / La libertad
Archeological Site San Andrés
Valle de Zapotitán / La Libertad
Archeological Site Tazumal
Chalchuapa / Santa Ana
Archeological Site Casa Blanca
Chalchuapa / Santa Ana
National Museum of Anthropology MUNA
San Salvador / San Salvador
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The perfect vacation is in El Salvador!

Izalco a magic place
Izalco / Sonsonate
Dulce Nombre De maria / Chalatenango
coffee plantations and pines
El Congo / Santa ana
Enjoy the tropical feel in Los Cóbanos Beach
Los Cobanos / Sonsonate
El Tunco
Tamanique / La Libertad
Feel the pleasant wheater of La Palma
La Palma / Chalatenango