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Impressive archeological sites, beautiful and colorful colonial towns, interesting traditions, exquisite cuisine and precious crafts are just some of the features that reflect the immense cultural and historical wealth of El Salvador.

Visiting those sites archaeological as Tazumal, San Andrés, and Joya de Cerén, visitors can have an approach with one of the most advanced cultures: the Mayans. The influence of this and other ancient cultures is still reflected in the everyday life of Salvadorans, particularly in some of its towns and cities. Colonial also printed some of these sites with a romantic character, as the cobbled streets and beautiful balconies that are on sites as Concepción de Ataco and Suchitoto.

Several tourist paths lead visitors to tranquil villages and towns, noting their cultures and traditions, tasting their exquisite gastronomy and relating is with your people friendly. Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, Juayua and Nahuizalco are some of the most popular destinations in the western part of the country, While in the central area of Suchitoto, Cojutepeque, Panchimalco, Ilobasco and La Palma welcomes its visitors with countless opportunities for contact with the local culture, through their traditions, crafts and beautiful architecture. In the eastern part of the country, gems such as joy, Conchagua, San Miguel, Perquin, Guatajiagua and Cacaopera offer its visitors unforgettable experiences, the charm and authenticity of these hidden treasures.

  • Activities of travel Camping
  • Date of 22 July, 2016
  • Date up to 13 September, 2017
  • Location / Region Morazán

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