I am and beach

El Salvador offers to the visitors more than 300 kilometers of beautiful beaches, including, two of the best beaches in the world for surfing: El Sunzal and playa La Paz, There are other spots where waves magnificent for this sport are also like El Zonte, Pearl, Punta Mango, among others.
From West to East the visitors are more than 45 beaches, where tourists enjoy the warm waters, some black sand of volcanic origin and others golden sand of ground shell.

On the coast of El Salvador, a beautiful Gulf located on the border there are East of the country in the Department of La Unión, which has waters shared with Honduras and Nicaragua. The island of Meanguera is located within Salvadoran waters, with much historical wealth by its fame have received vessels of all types at the time of the colony.
There are three areas of mangroves in the country, they are: Estero of the Barra de Santiago, Estuary of Jaltepeque and the Bay of Jiquilisco. In these areas and in the Bay visitors can practice sports such as water skiing, swimming, Navigation, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing craft and sports, sighting of fauna marina or other activities water.



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