The culture popular in El Salvador comprises traditions and customs ancestral, from pre-Hispanic cultures, It merged with the Spanish customs. The most representative and traditional villages are located in areas of the izalcos and nonualcos, surroundings of San Salvador and Cacaopera.

Among the expressions materials of the folklore Salvadoran, elements included in the handicraft, where there are major production centres in Nahuizalco, The Palm or Ilobasco; and those objects include various types of pottery, ceramic, rigging, basketry, Terracotta, toys, pyrotechnics, etc.

In the field of social expressions, highlight the fraternities and sororities, in El Salvador, it reached the fifty-three. The locations where is found the of greater tradition include to Izalco, Panchimalco, Jayaque, San Pedro Nonualco and Santo Domingo de Guzmán. On the other hand, in the trade popular, There is the tiangue and surviving traditional games for children and adults as the I - I, spinning top, capirucho, chibolas, greasy pole, tape race horse, among others.

Concerning popular culture to the spiritual and mental aspect, We can highlight the festivities that take place in all municipalities. Among them stand out those of San Miguel, in which a renowned Carnival takes place, as well as in San Salvador, with the August festivals, or Santa Ana with the Fiestas Julias. Other expressions are dances, and a short list includes the Torito Pinto, The Historiantes, The escutcheons, The Tiger and the deer, The feathered, among others. There is also a wealth of legends and tales, being representative as the Siguanaba, the Cipitío and the Cadejo, among others.