• Proximity to major sea-lanes.
  • The airport more safe of the region.
  • An airport certified as A1 by FAA linking important cities.
  • It has a modern cargo terminal, 17 positions for aircraft and with growth projects.


  • From Spain, Iberia in flight direct from Madrid to San Salvador.
  • Major airlines: Avianca, American Airlines, Iberia, CUP, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Aeromexico and Spirit Airlines.

Shipping from origin:

Port of Acajutla: main port of the country with 4 Springs with superior depth to 10 MTS. With availability of all those services for the reception of cruise: provision of petrol, drinking water, discharge of waste water and solid waste, migration and customs, port equipment rental, tour operators, services medical.

Union port: global port which can accommodate boats of maximum size. Terminal maritime more big of the Ocean Pacific in Central America, with a capacity of 4,000 containers.
Infrastructure road and connectivity for terrestrial: The country is completely connected with those countries neighbour through a network national of 10,886 KMS of streets (between paved and non-paved roads).