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The El Salvador Ministry of tourism is tourism governing body, responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy and the national tourism Plan, through the inclusion of all stakeholders, through mechanisms that lead to sustainable and competitive development of the tourism industry, promoting economic and social development, It allows to generate decent jobs and improve the quality of life of the population.

The generic goal, of the MITUR, It is the effective decision-making and support of the sectors directly involved, in the work tour of the country, to make these decisions can implement is of way harmonic.

It governance is a factor determining, for sustainable organizational development, Therefore, the strategy is aimed to promote and strengthen the legality, legitimacy, representativeness, efficiency and transparency of public service. To ensure the achievement of the objectives and purposes of this portfolio of State, referred to in the internal rules of the Executive Body, the national tourism Plan, Law of tourism and regulation of the law of tourism, the MITUR emits a series of agreements and resolutions which govern all actions operation and administration of the institution, so exercising governance issued by the Presidency of the Republic, as member of the Executive Body.